About Trafiki

Put simply we are a team of marketers and developers who will help you make money online. Whether you are looking to build a client list, increase email subscribers, need help with your adwords, track existing marketing sources we can help.

We are commercially minded and will look at ways of improving your bottom line.

We work with all types of industries call us today to see how we can earn you more money.


Internet Marketing & SEO

In the furiously busy and crowded internet world of today, it’s not enough, to coin a phrase, to say ‘If you build it they will come’. There is no point in having a website – however cutting edge its design, however sophisticated its graphics, flash player content and navigability – if nobody knows it’s there.


Website Design

Although a website needs to look dynamic and attractive, it also needs to be structured to optimize the ease of use. Furthermore, it needs to be carefully copy-written to ensure the highest level of SEO.

Cold-calling is neither cost effective nor efficient in generating business leads. Our SEO methods ensure that clients receive genuine leads from customers who are serious about what they are looking for.

Website Leasing

We create websites in precisely the same way as for any other eventuality. We optimize them with carefully placed multiple keywords so that they deliver the much sought after first-page search ranking. But then, instead of simply passing you the leads generated by the search engine traffic, we can lease any of the sites directly to you, for you to operate independently, according to your own future business strategies.