Internet Marketing & SEO

In the furiously busy and crowded internet world of today, it’s not enough, to coin a phrase, to say ‘If you build it they will come’.

We are experts in SEO. We have worked successfully in this area for years. We understand the importance of SEO but crucially we understand exactly how it works. It demands the careful inclusion in website text of the key terms likely to be used in searches. But it is not as simple as just cramming a site with those terms in a meaningless parade of words because search engines are more sophisticated than that.

As experts in SEO! Trafiki can help increase leads for your business. Through online marketing and SEO

Internet Marketing & SEO

There is no point in having a website – however cutting edge its design, however sophisticated its graphics, flash player content and navigability – if nobody knows it’s there.

Anyone who is serious about exploiting the opportunities afforded by an online presence understands the importance of giving their website address maximum exposure. This means getting the URL onto every mailing, every business card, every email, every franking label, every single item that leaves your business on its way to customers, whether existing or potential.

But that on its own is still not enough. There are millions of websites containing billions of pages on the worldwide web. And for every sector of commerce there are thousands of sites, all competing for business. The world’s most popular search engine is of course Google, but there are many others. However, by far the most common way in which they are used is to enter the most appropriate terms for your search and then scan the fifteen or twenty results that appear on the first page.

First Page Results

How many people ever click on the ‘next page’ option? Unless the search terms were poorly selected, the overwhelming likelihood is that the first page of results will contain all the options the searcher requires.

Try it out. Conduct a Google search and look at the number at the top right of the page which tells you the total number of results. Is it a million? A million and a half? But will you look beyond the first twenty?

This is why Search Engine Optimisation is vitally important. Done properly, it is the difference between a successful website that attracts immense traffic and generates huge business leads, and one which simply sits quietly in an over-looked corner of cyberspace, unnoticed and unvisited.