PPC Management – Pay Per Click (PPC) could well be the answer you are looking for to generate leads for your business.

accountmPPC account management

Here at Trafiki our team of Google AdWords qualified professionals will help create unique Google Adwords campaigns based on your business goals. We can help with every aspect of your PPC campaign, from strategy and implementation to reporting and analysis.


Reporting and analysis

By using Google Analytics and Admeter; a telephone enquiry monitoring tool we can monitor the progress of your online PPC campaigns on a regular basis and ensure you are only paying for relevant clicks that help produce a good ROI (Return On Investment). You will be updated on a monthly or fortnightly basis depending on your needs and expectations.

Trafiki are PPC Management experts in the UK. Why not call us and discover how we can help grow your business online!

How Trafiki Can Help

Why Use Google AdWords Pay Per Click

  • Increased online visibility, immediately – Pay Per Click works in real time and is supported by influential websites such as search engines like Google, helping to improve your brand visibility.
  • Increased profits and sales – Pay Per Click can help you reach your target audience. You select the keywords, which means with the right keywords you can target people who are interested in what your site has to offer. That means better quality traffic and increased conversion rates.
  • An opportunity for direct response – Pay Per Click marketing campaigns require a good call to action such as asking for a telephone call, an email submit and a good landing page to be effective. By incorporating simple calls to action within your campaign we can significantly boost your conversion rates and encourage customers to take a desired action on your site.

Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) Account Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a great cost effective method of increasing your website’s visibility immediately to your target audience to help generate enquiries. Here at Trafiki we are a recognised Google Partners which means we have a team of qualified Google AdWords professionals who here to help you. We create Google advertisements online and you only pay for those clicks that drive relevant targeted visitors to your website.

This typically involves bidding on certain keywords and phrases which are relevant to your industry and target market. Pay Per Click (PPC) offers a high level of tracking and control, making it an extremely suitably online marketing tool for many businesses. However, it can be expensive if not implemented properly which is where we come in.

Here at Trafiki, our team of Google AdWords qualified professionals can help your company with all aspects of your PPC account management by helping you maximise the success of your PPC campaigns and invest your budget wisely by eliminating waste.