Website Leasing

We at Trafiki have another option to offer which we think is a very attractive one.

As you’ll understand, we’re in business to optimize the potential of the internet for creating commercial success. If you’ve been browsing through our website you’ll have read about the many different ways in which we go about this, from internet marketing and SEO, through web design and the generation of quality leads.

But there is a natural extension to all of this, and it’s called Website Leasing. Read below to see how leasing works!

How it works

We create websites in precisely the same way as for any other eventuality. We optimize them with carefully placed multiple keywords so that they deliver the much sought after first-page search ranking. But then, instead of simply passing you the leads generated by the search engine traffic, we can lease any of the sites directly to you, for you to operate independently, according to your own future business strategies.

Like taking over a business that is already successful!

Remember: we’re not just creating websites and handing them over to you. We are growing them, nurturing them, building them into fully optimized high profile sites. Once they reach this status their capacity to attract and create new business is immense. It’s like taking over a business that is already successful, except that by renting it you know exactly what it will cost you and you rent it only for as long as you require it.

This option really is ideal for the small or medium-sized business, because it releases you from the obligation to manage the creation and building of your own website and from the time it can take to get it into the top rankings. We’ve done all the work for you – you simply have to reap the benefits.

Widespread & Popular

We at Trafiki believe that website leasing will be one of the most popular and widespread developments in the online business world. We’re offering you the chance to be in the forefront of this imaginative and effective new way of exploiting the internet.

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