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LinkedIn Ads Management Services in Dubai

LinkedIn is a platform dedicated to connecting people that drive business decisions with one another. In turn, ensuring that your brand and its service offerings are broadcasted on this platform is imperative if you want to generate high-quality B2B leads. Using meticulous audience targeting and compelling ads, Trafiki has a proven track record in running LinkedIn ad campaigns that drive revenue growth.

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Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn in the UAE

Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn in the UAE

With over 5 million users in the UAE alone and nearly a billion members around the world, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. For B2B companies, LinkedIn is a unique opportunity to reach, engage, and convert your target audience.

The platform has a variety of different ad types and targeting options, and thus offers full-funnel marketing for businesses across all sectors. From SMEs to global enterprises, LinkedIn Ads campaigns are inherently scalable and effective, whatever your budget or objectives.

Google Ads services (which we also offer) are also a great way to connect with users actively looking for your products and/or services. LinkedIn Ads services, however, do have an edge in some ways. For instance, the average cost per lead (CPL) on LinkedIn is 28% lower than on Google Ads, making it an even more cost-effective advertising channel.

LinkedIn Ads Campaigns Tailored to Your Brand

The first thing that our in-house team will do is gain a deep understanding of your business objectives and target audience. This will inform the campaigns we build (and constantly optimize) i.e. creating custom audiences to ensure your ads are displayed to your intended target.

As LinkedIn Ads is predominantly a form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, it’s very important that your services are placed in front of your target audience. If not, the endeavor can become very costly. This also means that choosing the right type of ad is crucial.

With in-feed sponsored content to boost impressions, sponsored messaging direct to inboxes, and dynamic ads for enhanced personalization, our services will be utterly tailored to your brand. Combined with engaging content, eye-catching visuals, and compelling CTAs, your ads will be designed to generate quality leads and create a meaningful online audience that can be monetized.

LinkedIn Ads Campaigns Tailored to Your Brand

Different Types of LinkedIn Ads

Sponsored Content on LinkedIn allows you to promote your brand’s content directly in the LinkedIn feed of your target audience. These ads blend seamlessly with organic posts and can take the form of single-image ads, document ads, video ads, carousel ads, or event ads. 

Given that LinkedIn users spend the majority of their time looking at their feed, this type of ad is a great way to grab their attention, boost brand visibility, and/or drive traffic to your website.

Display Ads on LinkedIn are visually compelling banner ads that appear on the right-hand side or at the top of the LinkedIn desktop interface. These ads help you showcase your offering via impactful imagery. 

Shown on high-traffic web pages across the LinkedIn Ad Network (LAN), these ads will increase your reach and put your content in front of countless decision-makers.

Dynamic Ads are personalized, highly targeted ads that deliver a personalized experience to LinkedIn members. They leverage member profile data such as profile pictures, job titles, or company names to create dynamic and engaging ad content. 

In turn, they provide a user-centric experience that boosts engagement, drives traffic to your landing page, and strengthens the relationship between your brand and your target audience.

With video content becoming increasingly popular amongst online consumers, LinkedIn video ads are a highly effective way of putting your brand front and center. Video ads autoplay in the LinkedIn feed, allowing you to convey your message visually and create a lasting impact on your ideal clients. They are particularly effective when it comes to brand storytelling.

Simple yet highly effective, text ads that appear on the right-hand side or at the top of the LinkedIn desktop interface. Alongside an accompanying company logo, they allow you to grab attention with an unmissable headline and motivate users via a description and call to action.

LinkedIn Retargeting Ads allow you to reconnect with website visitors or engage with specific audiences who have previously interacted with your brand. By installing LinkedIn Insight Tag on your website and using first-party data to create bespoke audiences, we will deliver targeted ads to these segments. 

Retargeting Ads help reinforce your brand message, increase conversions, and nurture leads that have shown interest in your offerings.

Lead Gen Forms on LinkedIn simplify the process of capturing leads by allowing users to submit their information directly within the ad. When users click on your ad, a pre-filled form with their LinkedIn profile information appears, making it easy for them to submit their details. 

When lead generation is a top priority, integrating customizable forms into your campaign gives you a fast track to key decision-makers. We will often conduct A/B tests to see whether Lead Gen forms or driving traffic directly to your website is more effective. Of course, we may also use a combination of both.

Conversion tracking on LinkedIn allows us to monitor the performance of your LinkedIn ads. By adding a conversion tracking pixel or Insight Tag to your website, we will also track specific actions taken by users after interacting with your ads, such as form submissions, purchases, or downloads. 

Conversion tracking doesn’t simply allow us to measure performance; the data gathered will also directly inform your LinkedIn campaigns. In other words, the data will provide valuable insights into campaign effectiveness that, in turn, allows us to make data-driven optimizations and maximize your return on investment (ROI).


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LinkedIn Ads Agency Services FAQ

LinkedIn Ads works by allowing you to create and deliver targeted advertisements to professionals on the platform. You can choose from various ad formats (e.g. text ads, retargeting ads, video ads) and precise targeting options (e.g. job title, industry, company size). 

In order to ensure your campaigns deliver meaningful results, your business objectives will dictate:

  • The type of ads we choose
  • The custom audiences we build
  • The budget we set

LinkedIn Ads operates on an auction system, where you set your maximum bid for clicks, impressions, or other desired actions.  Here are some of the various pricing options:

  • Cost-per-click (CPC): You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Cost-per-1000 impressions (CPM): You pay based on the number of people who see your ad.
  • Cost-per-send (CPS): You pay when sponsored content is delivered to the recipient’s InMail mailbox. 

Once you’ve selected which pricing method works best for you, we can help you decide whether to set a daily budget, a monthly budget, or to set a maximum price for bids, which will determine where and when your ads are shown. 

The CPC, CPM, or CPS can range from a few dirhams to much higher amounts in Dubai, the UAE, and throughout the Middle East. The cost will vary based on factors such as:

  • Your target audience
  • Campaign objectives
  • Ad format
  • Competition within the region

While LinkedIn Ads offer targeted advertising opportunities, organic growth on LinkedIn is also essential. Building a strong organic presence involves creating a compelling company page, regularly sharing valuable content, engaging with your audience, and expanding your network. 

While ads will naturally boost brand awareness, organic growth helps further establish credibility. For this reason, we will often suggest implementing your LinkedIn Ads alongside organic social media services.

Yes. LinkedIn offers extensive audience targeting options and creating a bespoke audience is always advisable. From targeting a specific company or industry to displaying your ads in front of users with specific interests and skills, there are endless ways to shape your audience, including:

  • Job function
  • Job seniority
  • Company industry
  • Company size
  • Company revenue
  • Location

This level of granularity enables you to reach professionals who are most relevant to your business and campaign objectives. By creating highly targeted audiences, our in-house LinkedIn Ads services ensure your campaign delivers personalized and tailored messages to the right people. The result is an efficient campaign with a high conversion rate.

While it’s not mandatory to work with a LinkedIn Ads agency, partnering with one can offer several benefits. Running successful LinkedIn Ads campaigns and generating an optimal ROI requires in-depth knowledge, expertise, experience, and creativity. What’s more – you’ll need to dedicate a significant amount of time to managing and enhancing your campaign if you decide to do it yourself.

From promoting your brand with engaging copy and visuals to generating data-driven insights for optimization, our talented team provides expert end-to-end campaign management.

LinkedIn Ads can be a highly effective way to promote your brand, generate leads, and strengthen B2B relationships. For a relatively low cost, this type of advertising gives you direct access to key decision-makers across your target industries.

The platform provides robust targeting options, precise analytics, and diverse ad formats to suit your goals. So, are LinkedIn Ads worth it? Absolutely – providing you optimize every aspect of your campaign for maximum results.

The timeline to see results with LinkedIn Ads can vary depending on several factors, including your campaign objectives, targeting, messaging, industry, and competition. 

In general, it’s important to approach LinkedIn Ads as a long-term strategy rather than expecting immediate results. LinkedIn Ads campaigns often require time to build awareness, generate interest, and nurture leads. That’s why we will continuously monitor and optimize your campaigns, making data-driven adjustments to improve performance.

During the initial phase of your campaign, you may start seeing some engagement and website traffic within the first few days or weeks. However, to fully assess the impact and effectiveness of your LinkedIn Ads, it’s recommended to evaluate results over a longer period, typically spanning several weeks or months.


LinkedIn’s audience has 2x the buying power of the average online audience and 80% of its network “drives business decisions”.

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