UI & UX Design Services in Dubai

Improving your online visibility will only get you so far. A successful business cannot simply generate traffic, it must also convert it. To maximize your chances of conversion, your website must provide a frictionless user experience (UX) and an intuitive user interface (UI). We will help you do exactly that and, in turn, dramatically increase the number of visitors that become buying customers.

UI & UX Design Services in Dubai
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Creating a Conversion-Focused Website

You cannot simply rely on a “functional” and “professional-looking” website to convert your traffic. Your site must engage your users and actively encourage them to make purchases. Good UI and UX will work together to help do so.

UI design is concerned with how the site looks (the visual elements that the user will interact with), while UX design is concerned with how the site feels (how pleasing and/or easy it is to use). The two are intimately connected to your site’s conversion rate and, thus, to the revenue generated by your online business.

Understand Your Users with Our UX Audit Service

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An enjoyable and easy-to-use website will naturally encourage conversions. But before you can create a site that caters for the wants and needs of your users in such a way, you must first study their online behavior.

By analysing how your users interact with your website, our UX audit service will provide insight into the on-site issues that are stifling your online performance. We will evaluate all aspects of your site’s UX, including the navigational, mobile, and checkout experience. Our UX audit report will then highlight any usability problems and provide actionable solutions to them.

These data-driven design recommendations will be utterly tailored to your brand as they will be the direct product of studying the real-life users on your site. Therefore, they will help you develop a site that is uniquely designed to convert your target audience.

UI/UX Research & Design for eCommerce Stores in the Middle East

The huge growth of the eCommerce industry in the UAE and throughout the GCC has led to an increasingly competitive market in which more and more retail businesses are investing heavily in their digital storefront. While we provide UX design services to a range of different businesses, we specialize in helping eCommerce businesses navigate this landscape.

In contrast to search engine marketing, the business value of UI/UX is often overlooked by eCommerce brands. Good UI/UX creates happy customers, happy customers make purchases, and return repeatedly to do so.

Following an initial UX audit, we offer ongoing UI/UX design services where we will conduct constant user testing on your site and provide you with a continuous flow of tailor-made UI/UX fixes. This is what will ensure that your site continues to delight and, thus, convert your users.

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Our UI/UX Strategies in More Detail

Screen recording is a form of usability testing that will allow us to observe exactly how your real-life users interact with and respond to your site. By analysing session recordings and continuous heatmaps, we will highlight the common problems that users are experiencing when using your site. With this in mind, we can start thinking about how to fix these issues

For instance, we may notice that people are proceeding to checkout and then abandoning it after seeing a screen full of form fields. We may then hypothesize that you need to streamline and simplify your checkout process. Once we implement our design solution, we will then use session recordings again to see if our hypothesis was correct and if engagement has improved. It is this process whereby design decisions are constantly informed by real-life user data that will ensure your site continues to satisfy your users. 

This is another user research technique that we will use to test any hypothesis we create. We will experiment with multiple versions of the same webpage to see which version resonates most with your users. In other words, which version invites the most engagement. This process could decide something as small as the color of a single CTA button or something as big as the formatting of your entire checkout flow.

Usability testing methods such as session recordings will give us the why but web analytics will help us to identify what we need to investigate. For instance, we will use analytics programmes to pick out pages with low conversion rates and high bounce rates, and then examine session recordings to uncover the usability and accessibility issues that may be damaging performance.

Following an initial audit, we will set up further, more comprehensive goal and event tracking. Collecting ongoing data regarding button clicks, site searches, and various other user engagements will help us constantly uncover further ways to improve user experience.

Our experts will create and segment buyer personas (fictional representations of your target audience). This is an extremely useful and necessary exercise because when you have a clear idea of who you want to sell to, it is much easier to cater to their wants and needs. Importantly, the personas will not be based on guesswork. Like anything we do at Trafiki, it will be rooted in data. We will use surveys, questionnaires, and audience reports to paint a clearer picture of your ideal customer.

With nearly three-quarters of all online sales coming from mobile commerce, the importance of mobile UX cannot be overstated. That’s why our user research and design strategies will also pay very close attention to the mobile version of your site. Does the amount of content result in too much scrolling? Is your mobile load speed up to scratch? Are the menus easy to navigate? With a smaller screen comes a range of specific considerations that must be accounted for.

We will typically collaborate with our client’s in-house web development team, passing on our design recommendations – with clear instructions – for them to implement on-site themselves. If required, however, we can provide direct development support and work with you to implement our suggested UX fixes.

The Results Speak for Themselves…

Across all our UI/UX clients based in the GCC over the last 3 months, our efforts have produced the following results:


Av. Decrease in
Bounce Rate


Av. Decrease in
Cart Abandonment Rate


Av. Increase in
Average Session Duration


Av. Increase in
Conversion Rate


UI & UX Design Services FAQ

  • Increased conversion rate: many online businesses struggle with a low conversion rate but do not know the cause and, therefore, the solution. More often than not, the problem lies in the site’s UI/UX. A study by Forrester found that better UX design could lead to 5 times more conversions and better UI design could lead to three times more! Our UI/UX design services will help you solve your low conversion rate.
  • Improved customer satisfaction & retention: customers will return to make purchases if they have a good experience using your website. Moreover, happy customers will help boost brand reputation and awareness by spreading the word!
  • Massive ROI (return-on-investment): on average, our clients see a 250% ROI when they use our services!

A website has many moving parts. Part of the reason why UI & UX design is so important for websites is because so many things can go wrong. This is especially the case for online stores, which is why we have created a dedicated eCommerce audit service!

At Trafiki, we pride ourselves on data-driven design decisions that will have a direct impact on your site’s performance. This process is fuelled by industry-leading user research tools and UI/UX specialists that have examined a countless number of websites over the years. This is an extremely hard combination to replicate. 

Following our UX research, the design solutions we create will not only look great but will directly solve customer pain points. Moreover, they will be uniquely tailored to convert your target audience and designed with your specific business objectives in mind. We also offer specialized UX writing services that will work in tandem with the design of your website to convert your ideal customers.

We are one of the only full-service digital marketing agencies in Dubai (and throughout the GCC) to offer UI/UX design services.

  • Quick page load speed
  • Simple website navigation
  • A smooth checkout process
  • Original content
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Personalised product recommendations 

And much more…

  • Well-formatted content (e.g. accordion sections)
  • Helpful visual indicators (e.g. a progress bar on a checkout page)
  • Simple input controls
  • Unfussy navigational elements (buttons, menus, sliders, icons)
  • Clear font size and style
  • High-quality graphic elements

And much more…


Only 55% of companies conduct any user experience testing. Our data-driven UI/UX audit and design services are your chance to STAND OUT from the crowd.

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